This beautiful bimetallic (blue/gold) Scottish girl is available! Super sweet, playful, and well-socialized. $1400


This beautiful black smoke girl is very playful, fun to have around, and is a lap kitty. $1900


This little girl was the first spring kitten to be reserved, but her reservation was cancelled due to personal health reasons. $2200.

Étoile's Litter!

Born February 29th

Leap Day Kittens!

Astrid's Litter!

Born February 26th

Colours include mink, black, red point, and calico.


Scottish Girl $1400

Adorable with a touch of sass!


Scottish Boy $1400

So very sweet! He purrs, taps my hand for pets, and loves cuddles!


Scottish girl $1400

She purrs and naps on the couch with us.

Gorgeous Scottish Straight babies born on November 6th! Big and healthy. Can go home in January! More photos on Instagram, Facebook, and here under Photos.

Simba plus Bentley = Six!

I was Adopted!

This gorgeous girl has come back to us through no fault of hers. Owner circumstance. I am re-homing her for her pet parent. This Devon has a wonderful, I mean wonderful, personality! She coos like an owl and chirps. Her wavy coat is coming in nicely. She’s almost 6 months old. Reduced adoption fee. Please PM for info.

I was Adopted!

Nice, a tad naughty, active boy. His wavy coat is coming in nicely. Ready for a wonderful, loving home! (His video is under Photos.)

Chocolate Point Girl - "Adopted"

I can't believe I still have this beautiful little girl! Really sweet kitten ready for her forever home.

Devon Kittens - "Adopted"

A beautiful blue-eyed red point boy and a sweet smoke black girl for available. Black and white girl is reserved.

Mini-Elfie - "Adopted"

UPDATE: She now lives in PHOENIX, ARIZONA! She's just like his daddy! From Astrid and Elfie. Beautiful smoke black girl. Born on April 15th.

Mini-Étoile - "Adopted"

A beautiful girl (from Étoile and Elfie) who loves to sit on my shoulder. Gentle and very sweet. Born on March 12th.

Mickey Mouse - "Adopted"

Gorgeous, super sweet, sits-in-my-lap, Devon Rex kitten. A real love bug! Beautiful, thick, wavy coat.

Astrid plus Elfie = Five!

On April 15th, Astrid and Elfie welcomed five beautiful babes. Three colour-pointed, one black, and one smoke black.

One of Étoile's Siamese point kittens!

Elfie plus Étoile = Four!

Wow! What gorgeous babies you two had! Étoile and Elfie welcomed four beautiful kittens into the world on March 12th!